Tiger Babies Strike Back

This book is my first work of non-fiction. I come out against the strict parenting style of Chinese American “Tiger Moms.”  I say Chinese people are not Number One all the time. Some of us occasionally get Bs, and are not ruining the academic curve for everyone else and playing violin solos at Carnegie Hall […]

I Want Candy

I used to tell people that this novel is about all the embarrassing, skeevy things that happened to me when I was a 14-year-old girl growing up in 1980s San Francisco, but I waited till I was 38 to write about them. The story revolves around a girl named Candace Ong, her teen lust, and […]

Buddha Baby

A riveting sequel, created primarily from the extra bits and scraps from the first book. Kinda like bologna, or Dim Sum of All Things sausage. You know how some things might sound nasty, but they’re actually delicious? So it is with this book. It’s a kooky, crispy, quelquechose intriguing on the pupu platter of Asian […]

The Dim Sum of All Things

I feel so fortunate that my debut novel reached #4 on the San Francisco Chronicle’s Paperback Bestseller List. The newspaper described this story as “a young, single, modern Chinese American woman travels to China with her grandmother and discovers her roots.” While that was, in fact, part of the story, I think most people liked […]